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Basketball Is Very Popular In Los Angeles

If there's one sport that's quite popular in Los Angeles, it's that of basketball. The city is home to the Los Angeles Lakers who have more title banners than nearly every other NBA franchise. For that matter, the city is big enough that it's also home to the Clippers, one of only two cities to have more than one NBA franchise. The sport is also quite popular on the streets as well, as thousands of citizens play it in their driveways or in public parks and school gyms. Keep reading to learn a few things about how to play this sport better if you live here or will soon and want to make some friends.

Look forward when you dribble the ball, holding your head up. If you look right at the ball, then you aren't comfortable or confident with your dribbling just yet. If you are new to the sport, dribble a ball anywhere and everywhere you can, even if just walking to the store. When you have to concentrate on the ball, you're not paying attention to what's happening on the court.

Ironically, if you want to be a better passer, then you have to do that instead of dribbling. No team can play without some dribbling, but when everyone passes more, they'll get better at doing that. Just think of how Magic Johnson found the right balance between both to be one of the best point guards of all time.

Don't hit the weights too much if you want a great jump shot. Muscle strength is useful in any position on a team, but having too much can hurt your range. Biceps that get too big can hurt your three-point percentage. Kobe Bryant had to watch this dramatically in his career.

Something that is also useful in shooting is good footwork. That's particularly true if you post up. You need to beat out your defender to open shots. Once you get a good position, hold it. You'll get more balance in doing so, which is very effective on wooden courts. On possibly cracked or uneven surfaces like playground courts, it's crucial.

If you play organized basketball that involves free throws, make sure you use the same routine every time. Whether you involve body motions or dribbles, have a consistent routine. Eventually, muscle memory will take over and make the shot more often than not.

If you've gotten good at dribbling with your dominant hand, start dribbling only with your weaker hand. It gives your opponents a lot more to deal with if you can dribble with either hand. Another great drill to do is seeing if you can get down the whole court in less than half a dozen dribbles. That makes fast breaks a lot more possible.

You might not get the chance to play professionally in the Staples Center while Jack Nicholson is watching from the front row, but you can get plenty of exercise and time with friends under the common L.A. sun. You might even get good enough to earn a scholarship that pays for some of your education.

Are You Buying A Home In Los Angeles?

Are you looking to buy a home in the Los Angeles area? There are quite a few things that you need to know. Even if you have bought homes before, you should still refresh your knowledge. The insights provided in the following paragraphs can be of tremendous value to you as you look for your next SoCal home.

Make sure that you moderate your approach when looking to buy a home. A lot of people get way too aggressive in trying to find a great deal. In doing so, they overdo things and then wind up letting great opportunities slip through fingers. Of course, be firm with what you want, but make sure you have an attorney and real estate professional guide you through your negotiations since they know so much more than you do.

Make sure the home you look for doesn't just meet your current needs and budget, but also your anticipated future. If you plan on growing your family, you'll need more space and rooms. Be mindful of safety too. A home with stairs might not be great in your older years, and a swimming pool might be a great place for kids. Try to look for homes that have already had children in them!

Are you willing to fix something up? You can get a fixer-upper for lower prices, and you'll likely get more bang for your buck getting renovations and improvements done on your own. You can design the home as you like, and every improvement will build equity. Don't let some sweaty work stop you from seeing the potential in a home.

It's a good idea to get pre-qualified for your mortgage before starting your house hunting. You'll wind up only at homes that are within your budget, so you'll avoid overspending or wasting your time. Also, getting a mortgage can take a while, so getting that ball rolling early also makes a lot of sense.

Ignore the decor when touring a home. There are quite a few factors when you look to buy a home, like location and condition. However, the design appeal is something that you can change quite a bit on your own if you buy and then move in.

Remember to learn as much as you can about a neighborhood before buying a home in it. Even a great home can be in a bad community, and it should fit your living needs just as much as the home. You need to know what's going on around you.

It might be called the City of Angels, but the devil is in the details. Hopefully what you learned in this article will help you find a home for you and your family as you join the millions that call Los Angeles home. Share what you have learned with others, and the good karma you put out should come back to help you out in the future. You never know who you might help or who might come back to help you out when you need it the most.